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Our support for our partners in Liberia starts with prayer. We encourage all congregations to remember the congregations, leadership, pastors, schools, students, teachers, and healthcare workers of the Liberia Annual Conference of the UMC in your regular prayer time.

Financial Support

Missionary & Mission Support

Connect With a Liberian Congregation

Many Ann Arbor District congregations have participated with specific congregations. Our partnership with Liberia is at it’s best when there is direct contact between believers. If you would like to partner with a congregation, please send an email to Mark Groeneweg or call 313-617-8994 to start the process.

Liberia Partnership

The Detroit Annual Conference has a longstanding and deep relationship with the United Methodist Church in Liberia. This relationship was formalized as a “Covenant Partnership” during the 1990s, the darkest period of Liberia’s civil wars. Leaders of both Conferences promised to always remember and support each other with prayers, gifts, and sustained conversation.

In order to put this covenant into practice, each District in the Detroit Annual Conference was assigned Partner Districts from the Liberia Annual Conference. We in the Ann Arbor District are blessed to have been given the people of Grand Bassa District, St. John River District, and Rivercess District as our covenantal friends and colleagues in Christ.

The best way to stay informed about the Liberia Partnership is to get yourself on the email distribution list of the Ann Arbor District Liberia Task Force. Please do so by sending an email to Mark Groeneweg member at Belleville First UMC and Task Force co-Chair. You may call him at 313-617-8994.

The Task Force consists of all with a sincere interest in Liberia. Meetings are open to all.

Location and History

Both Grand Bassa District and St. John River District are located in Grand Bassa County, Liberia. This is a coastal county with the city of Buchanan as its county seat. Buchanan is on the Atlantic, about 60 miles (as the crow flies) and a 2-3 hour drive southeast of the capital, Monrovia. Traditionally, Grand Bassa District churches worshipped in English, the language of the Americo-Liberians (former slaves from the U.S.) who founded the nation’s political institutions. St. John River District churches worshipped in Bassa, the native language of the region. Today these language boundaries are no longer fixed. But it is still the case that churches and schools from these two districts are sometimes located literally across the street from each other, yet are administratively separate. Both District Offices are located in Buchanan.

Rivercess District is located in Rivercess County, the next county further down the coast (southeast) from Buchanan. Its county seat, and the location of the District Office, is Cestos City. Cestos is a small town located at the mouth of the Cestos River. It is about 50 miles – a 3 hour drive – from Buchanan. No bridges cross the Cestos. The only form of transportation to churches “on the other side” is via canoe, and then by foot.

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